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The pathway to excellence is narrow. Volleyball Canada is working to set a new standard of excellence to support athletes focused on reaching their full potential. We hope the tools, resources and guidelines outlined here will help athletes to reach their dreams and one day inspire the next generation of athletes to become International Leaders.

Athlete of the month

  • Name:
    Nicholas Hoag
  • Age:
  • Height:
    199 cm
  • Team:
    FTC Team
  • Position:
  • Hometown:
    Sherbrooke, QC
  • Twitter:
Nicholas Hoag

Your National Team

(1) Here is a video of the warm-up activation and the speed-endurance circuits of the men's national team.
Here are some more explanations of these circuits.

**These training circuits are for national team athletes. Coaches and athletes need to consult a strength and conditioning specialist to ensure programs are designed for the appropriate age and ability.


(2) Here is a strengthening, stretching and proprioception program for injury prevention. 



During National Volleyball Month, meet the FTC (full-time training centre) athletes.

They are the TEAM OF THE MONTH for September.

Top row (from left to right) : Louis-Pierre Mainville (assitant-coach), Allen Meek, Nicolas Hoag, Jonathan Sloane, Marc Howatson, Graham Vigrass, Vincent Pichette (coach)
Bottom row (from left to right) : Terrel Brawell, Zack Diboll, Jay Blankenau, TJ Sanders, Rudy Verhoeff
Missing from picture : Chris Hoag



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  • Marc Howatson :
  • Allen Meek :
  • Rudy Verhoeff :
  • Jonathan Sloane :
  • Zack Diboll :
  • Jay Blankenau :
  • Chris Hoag :
  • Terrel Bramwell :
  • TJ Sanders :
  • Graham Vigrass :
  • Nicholas Hoag :

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