Club Volleyball

Club Volleyball

Volleyball Clubs, at their smallest scale can be created by any community that has athletes interested in playing and a coach willing to teach. At its largest, clubs can consist of multiple teams at many different age levels and both genders. They can draw athletes from a wide geographical area into one large community, year after year.

Whether a club team is individual or part of their much larger club community, they all complete together against other teams of their own age.  Generally there are less athletes that play club volleyball than during the high school season, however all athletes that are serious about the sport will play club, meaning teams are generally more skilled as they are able to draw the top athletes from many different local schools to play together.

High School Volleyball

Most athletes that play on a club volleyball team during the Winter/Spring also compete for their High School team as well.  High School teams run during the Fall semester and wrap up by early December.  The development of athletes at this age is largely tied between these two seasons (High School and Club) In Quebec, high school and club teams both start up in September and athletes train and play with both teams until May. For a more in-depth look at High School development, click here.

Club Leagues

Club volleyball competitions consists of a series of official tournaments that are run by the official Provincial/Territorial Association(ex: Alberta Volleyball Association, Ontario Volleyball Association...). (list of associations) These tournament take the place of a traditional league schedule and provide rankings that lead up to the Provincial Championship.  Club Volleyball is also taken one step further for teams that wish to travel and compete at the Annual National Championships that are held in various locations across the country depending on the year.

Athletes will generally tryout for, and compete against, teams that are of the same age as themselves.  Generally, club tournaments are provided for athletes between the ages of 12 and 18 with each age having its own division.  These are classified as 13U - 18U meaning ages 13 and Under all the way up to ages 18 and Under.  While each age bracket has their own division for athletes to compete in, it is not uncommon to have some divisions combined to ensure a tournament has enough teams such as 17U and 18U tournaments mixed together. (Similar to Senior Volleyball with Grade 11's and 12's).

17U and 18U is also when athletes start to look towards their future and determine whether they want to continue to play in Post-secondary education or not.  Much of the communication and commitment with Universities and Colleges happen during the club volleyball seasons, many coaches will be present at tournaments and Provincial and National Championships, keeping an eye out for players they'd like to recruit.  It is important for athletes that would like to take this path to market themselves as best they can, by performing well on their team in important roles and involved in leadership.  It may be a good idea to acquire some film of your team playing so you can provide out of town coaches with information about your skills if you would like to travel out of province to go to Post-Secondary.


Athletes are encouraged to play more than just Volleyball during their Club Seasons, especially during younger ages.  Different sports develop an athlete's skills, balance, coordination, and leadership in a variety of ways, and place a different emphasis on each.  This development can be key in creating balanced complete athletes.  As Athletes reach U17 and U18 and as time commitments increase, Athletes will need to specialize and concentrate all of their efforts on one sport, should they hope to continue in a High Performance, Long-Term Career. Different Clubs will also have their own policies regarding commitments and priorities.  


One opportunity for club athletes in many cities across the country is the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE).  The VCCE is a program specializing in individual reps for high performance athletes. (Primarily in Grade's 10-12, but some centres have programs for grade 8 and 9's as well) Athletes in this program will train twice a week (on top of their regular team functions) with a professional coach, receiving lots of 1 on 1 attention.  Added benefits of this program also include weight training and testing, nutrition plans and information, mental training, and lots of video resources.  This program fills a number of gaps identified in athlete development as much of the club season is consumed with game play, and not enough time is focused on developing individual skills. To get more information about the VCCE and find a centre near you head to :


  • Learn to train properly
  • Development of leadership among peers
  • Development of skills and team systems
  • Develop personal goals for post secondary competition

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