Elementary School

Elementary School

Volleyball has traditionally been a late addoption sport with athletes finally able to successfully play the game once they reach middle or even high school. Today we are working to change this to include younger ages. Games, skills and drills are being modifieid to accomodate younger, developing participants.  

Our Age Appropirate Games pages is a great place to start if you're looking for material on what and how to teach Volleyball to younger athletes.  This includes Circulation Volleyball on Badmintion sized courts and Atomic Volleyball.

Many Elementary Schools will have a volleyball team with a short season including a few practices and maybe a tournament as well.  If your school does not have a team it may be worth while asking a few questions and possibly even spending a few hours to run the team yourself.  At this age level you don't need to be a seasoned coach to have the kids out playing the game and having fun! Plus :) you have enough information right here on our website to get you started.  

An opportunity for additional volleyball at this age is Atomic Volleyball camps.  These are hosted by many different people and organizations including your local Club, School, or even University.  

At this age we also strongly encourage athletes to play as many sports as they can to develop a wide variety of skills that will become usefull to their volleyball career in the future.  

Goals for this Age Group:

  • Aquire a basic familiarity of the bump, set and serve motions.
  • Become familiar with basic rules of play including how to rotate (Circulation) around the court, how many contacts are permitted and how a rally is won or lost.
  • Develop hand eye contact, reaction time, and basic anticipation.
  • Develop a love and passion for the Game.

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