Provincial Teams

Provincial Teams

Provincial Teams are selected each year in or around the Spring months with a short training schedule during the summer climaxing at a National event that sees each Province compete against each other.  Competition to make this team can be quite intense as (depending on age) only a small group of athletes are selected to participate from all the athletes in the Province.

The first opportunity that many athletes have to play on a provincial team is at 16/17U (Grade 10).  After this, Provincial teams are created based on National Events that are being offered and the age restrictions for them.  Possible events that will be available to compete in can include Canada Summer Games (held every 4 year) or the National Team Challenge Cup.


The tryout process for a Provincial Team can vary in each province as this schedule is determined by the Provincial Sports Organization.  Often athletes will first attend a local regional tryout to be identified and selected. Selected athletes are then invited to attend an extended tryout process with all other selected athletes from across the province.  At the end of this camp/tryout athletes are selected for the Provincial Team(s) that train together at a central location for a couple of weeks before travelling to the location of their National event.  
Identification camps are often held during late winter/ early spring or even as early as christmas break in some cases. The final tryout is often late spring / early summer and may even be held right before training starts, requiring all participants to pack prepared to train and travel in case they do make the team. This process is mostly true at the 16/17U level; at older ages however, athletes have already been identified and are monitored throughout the year.  To attend tryouts, athletes may need to fill out an application form or they may be offered an invitation to the tryout process.

Provincial Team Experience

Because of the geographical distance between the top athletes in any Province, Provincial teams organize programs to be intensive and short.  Often this means housing all of the athlete in university dorms or finding alternative accommodations for them while they train.  Appart from the tryout process, the Provincial Team program is primarily situated during the summer months, and thus does not interfere with any other Club, High School, or College/University programs that are available to athletes of this age.  However athletes that participate in this program must be committed to their development as they are spending part of their summer vacation in daily training. Teams will train intensively, often 2 or 3 times per day, eating and bond together throughout the entire process. Athletes on these teams can expect to be away from family and friends with limited free time during the training camp and tournament experience, but will build new, strong friendships with their teammates and experience volleyball at a higher level than they may have experienced before.  At the end of the tournament, athletes will head home for the rest of their summer and prepare for their fall season.  


 The other volleyball opportunities that are available to athletes during this time of year is to play Beach Volleyball or to attend volleyball camps that are hosted by a variety of organizations.

Goals for this age group

  • Learn to train and compete in a high performance environment
  • Establish a reputation for yourself in front of University and College coaches
  • Commit to volleyball as your main sport

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