Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence

Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence

What is a VCCE?

The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (VCCE) is an exciting new initiative that has been created in partnership with Own the Podium. With the support of Pacific Volleyball Society and Volleyball BC, the VCCE boasts two new and exciting pilot youth programs beginning this Fall: The Daytime and Sunday Training Programs. These programs will be emerging in 5 regions around the province of BC with a vision of expanding nationally in the future.  Click on the LINK for detailed information on the Daytime and Sunday programs specific to each region.

Why the VCCE?

For many years Canada has fallen short in ranking among the top countries in the world and has participated in only 3 Olympic Games. 

We have identified some key gaps in our development system. Our LTAD guidelines for training, competition and recovery currently don't match our reality.  As youth we are playing (games) for far too many hours, and training (practice) for far too few. To add to this, the limited training time that teams have is focused primarily on team systems, leaving individual skill development falling behind. The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence is the training that fills this void. For example, the Daytime program provides 100 additional hours for our Learning to Compete athletes, in an individual training environment where the athlete to coach ration is 1 to 6. 

Our target number of athletes training in these programs are 800 across Canada per gender. Based on the population of BC (13% of the population of Canada) this number is around 100.  So, we're aiming to provide this high performance environment for 100 grade 10, 11 and 12 athletes. The process has started, we've already seen some excellent results from the Richmond Olympic Oval program. We're moving in the right direction and looking forward to seeing how these programs can take us to the next level!

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