How to Reach Your Potential - Sitting

Training to Win Training to Win

The principal focus of the T2W stage is to have Canada’s sitting volleyball athletes achieve podium performances at major international competitions.  The athlete should have by now acquired the mental skills to deal with the pressures of performing at international matches.   Focus is on refining all skills and abilities and preparing to peak for major competitions.


  • Optimization / professionalization
  • Development of technical and tactical abilities or playing skills
  • Modelling all possible aspects of training and performance
  • Podium performances

AWAD / AB Integration

  • AWAD only as focus in this stage is on international participation, for which AB are not allowed to compete due to classification regulations
  • AB may participate as training partners

Match Of The Week

2012 World League BRA vs CAN 2012 World League BRA vs CAN

Athletes Resources

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