Code of Ethics

Coaching Code of Ethics

Our values represent a set of deeply held beliefs upon which our thoughts and actions are based. We refer to our values in evaluating our own actions as well as the actions and decisions of others. Volleyball Canada encourages all coaches to express and align their values with those outlined in the NCCP Code of Ethics. This code of ethics should be used as a benchmark for defining what is considered good and right behaviour for our sport in Canada.

In addition, we encourage all coaches to engage in the following decision-making process steps when faced with ethical decisions.

  • Step 1:
 Establish the facts of the situation.
  • Step 2: 
Determine what are the issues in the situation:
(a) Does the situation have legal implications?
(b) Does the situation have ethical implications?
  • Step 3: 
Identify potential decisions that could be made or actions undertaken, and consider what might result in each case.
  • Step 4: 
Identify the pros and cons of each potential decision that could be made.
  • Step 5: 
Select the best option for the decision.
  • Step 6: 
Design an action plan to implement the selected decision, and plan to manage its consequences.