LTAD Developmental Stages - Sitting

Active Start /  FUNdamentals Active Start /  FUNdamentals


  • Play
  • Learn FUNdamental movement skills
  • General, overall development
  • Running, jumping, throwing
  • ABC's - agility, balance, coordination, speed
  • Build overall motor skills
  • Basic sport rules and ethics
  • Generic sport tactics

Organized physical activity should be fun and a part of the child's daily life, not something required.  Active play is the way young children are physically active.

Organized physical activity and active play are particularly important for the healthy development of children with a disability if they are to acquire habits of lifelong activity.

Because this is a period when children rapidly outgrow their mobility aids, communities need to find effective ways-equipment swaps or rentals, for example-to ensure that all children have access to the equipment they need to be active.



AWAD / AB Integration

  • Is critical
  • Fully integrated
  • Fundamental movement skills taught in an adapted way at volleyball clinics
  • Basic volleyball skill lessons taught in an adapted way at volleyball clinics