Practice Plans & Drill Bank - Sitting

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Sitting Volleyball Systems

Below are a number of systems used in sitting volleyball and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  It is important to remember to find the system that works best for the athletes involved and to avoid forcing athletes into a certain system. 

The game of sitting volleyball is unique because a variety of different setting systems or variations of the systems can be used during a match to add further variability to the attack and to be somewhat unpredictable to the opponent’s block-defense.



The following are some examples of drills that can be used when playing sitting volleyball.  When athletes first start playing the game, the two areas that need to be addressed are the ability to move quickly and efficiently on the floor using the feet and hands and then quickly pulling up the hands to play the ball. 

These example drills work on developing movement patterns and ball control before progressing to modified game-play.

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