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Every volleyball player wants to jump higher, hit harder, and move faster, but the pathway to realizing your full potential in these skills is different for every player. This is because we all start from different levels, we all move a little differently, and we all learn a little differently. Decades of research and practice have shown that “one size fits all” programs don’t create optimal results for any athlete. Even worse, when it becomes the standard to just follow a program that’s not designed for you, you can end up missing red flags that your body is giving you, warning you of upcoming chronic injuries. We all have these; it’s just a matter of getting back on the same page with your body and training for what you actually need as an athlete.

The resources provided in the documents and videos below are a starting point for volleyball athletes looking to reach their full potential.  Take the time to read through the documents to begin the process.  Remember to always consult first with your physician and a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach before attempting any of the exercises and concepts listed here.  Volleyball Canada takes no responsibility for any injuries obtained through the use of the exercises provided.