• How to build a High School program

    Sep 09, 2011

    Bryan Gee, Teacher and Club Coach - Port Coquitlam, BC

    Here are some things that I have implemented in my program to develop volleyball in Port Coquitlam:

    1) I have built relationships with the grade 5 teachers in my feeder schools, they bring their students, boys and girls to a volleyball camp I host in June using mini-volleyballs.  The teachers come and participate and learn some drills and skills.  This also allows me to begin building a relationship with younger athletes, getting their contact information and hopefully creating a positive first experience with volleyball.  My senior girls volleyball team is expected to coach.

    2) At the beginning of September, I run a couple of the volleyball practices in the middle schools with girls in grade 6,7 and 8.  My senior girls help coach these sessions, and are encouraged to coach the middle school teams.  The kids receive volunteer hours, which is necessary for graduation.  I show the coaches some drills, and help the kids develop some basic skills.  At this point I also advertise a Sunday camp that we run.

    3) We host a Sunday night camp every Sunday night for all girls of all abilities.  We introduce them to skills, and basic game play.  The cost for the camp is minimal, and is used as a fundraiser for the senior girls volleyball team.  This camp runs until club volleyball tryouts, where the girls are highly encouraged to tryout for a club.  In some situations where there are a large number of interested participants we simply create a team with the girls.

    4) All teams are invited to come and watch the Red Serge Volleyball Tournament, which is a top 10 tourney we host.  Sometimes the teams come and wear their jerseys.

    In terms of development, we teach many of the skills through game play.  We move from 1 v 1, to 2 v 2 etc. We use lots of adaptations to focus on developing specific skills and communication.  In many ways I feel more challenged coaching them, then the older girls:)

    Good luck!