• Jump Setting by Scott Koskie

    Oct 24, 2011

    Jump Setting by Scott Koskie

    Jump Setting by Scott Koskie, Sr. Women's National Team Assistant Coach

    Jump setting is a very effective way to speed up your offence and can help you be more deceptive as a setter. Like most things in our sport, when it is done well it looks effortless but getting to that point takes many hours of practice and 1000's of reps.  There are many components that contribute to being a good jump setter.......or setter in general really...........they are all important but I will only touch on two here.

    1) Quick feet- Whether standing or jumping a setter must get to the ball in a balanced position every time.  It becomes more important when you want to jump set because you need to leave the ground in a balanced position and under control. In an ideal situation you will be jumping up to meet the ball at it's highest point with minimal drift forwards, backwards or sideways. This should be your goal not only on a perfect pass but on any ball inside of the 3 meter line. A consistent jump means a consistent contact point and release which makes it easier for the hitter to time the ball coming out of your hands.

    2)Core strength- As soon as you leave the ground you need a strong core so you are able to maintain body control and generate power in the air. Just as you would "set" your core before performing a squat or other lifting exercise make sure you tighten your abs slightly before leaving the ground. The more body control you have, the more precise you can be.

    In my opinion jump setting should be a tool you have as a setter but not necessarily something you do all the time at all costs.  Remember that as a setter, your #1 priority is to deliver a hittable ball to your attackers.  I am writing this from Guadalajara at the Pan American games and four or five of the top setters here set the majority of the time while standing on the ground (even when setting the middle) only jumping when really necessary.