• September is National Volleyball Month

    Aug 27, 2012

    A few months ago, some CIS coaches got together and discussed ways to better promote our sport. From this meeting the idea was brought forward that we should have a national event where teams across the country go into schools to promote our sport. National Volleyball Month was born. 

    September is here and indoor volleyball is on the minds of every elementary, middle and high school teacher. Many of these teachers are looking for resources, tools and some fun games for kids to play. The month of September is the perfect opportunity to make an impact on the development of our sport by going into schools, building relationships with teachers and students, offering free clinics, resources and demonstrations. This is also the best place to teach Age Appropriate Games, and invite them to league games, showing young kids what top Canadian Volleyball looks like.

    The challenge is on. Which CIS, CCAA or club team can reach the most elementary schools in the month of September? 
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