• Sr. Women's Team visit "Soup Pea" capital of Canada

    Feb 28, 2012

    Sr. Women’s Team visit “Soup Pea” capital of Canada

    Claire Hanna, Colette Meek, Tasha Holness, and I (Julie Young) recently ran a clinic with Scott Koskie (our Assistant Coach) in St. Claude, Manitoba. Interesting fact, St. Claude is the Soup Pea capital of Canada, claimed by the city sign.

    We entered the gym and there were girls and boys grades 7-12 rallying together in groups getting ready for our clinic. We did a brief introduction of ourselves then began with the classic volleyball warm-up of cat and mouse followed by ship, shore, sunk...always a hit.

    The high school girls coach really wanted us to focus on defence and diving so we spent the first hour working on technique. Trying to convince a teenage girl that it's cool to dive on the floor can be pretty challenging, and being a Libero, hitting the floor is second nature to me so it's hard for my to understand why someone wouldn't dive for a ball. So there I was demonstrating the stride slide, a sprawl, and a roll hoping the that the girls would catch on. It was amazing to see the eagerness of the Jr. High girls, they were now chasing down balls and even willing to hit the floor for a ball.

    We took a brief break and Scott talked to the kids about the importance of sport in our lives, and how important it is to be active. We then continued with hitting, we worked on the players arm swings and helped them with their approach. The kids loved this part, gotta love the hitting line! We finished with a wash game where we combined the Jr. Girls and Sr. girls together; many of them were diving for balls and were very eager to implement what they had just learned.

    It was great to work with these players, everyone was very polite and listened to what we had to say, I hope they had fun and learned something in the limited time we had with them!