• Team Canada - Inspiring the next generation

    Mar 12, 2012

    Team Canada - Inspiring the next generation

    Tiffany Dodds and I (Julie Young) recently made an appearance at the Jr. High Province wide tournament. We watched three matches and were impressed with the level of play, some of the rallies were long and many had 3 contacts which is very impressive for that age group. Right before the last game we gathered the kids and talked to them about our careers. The girls listened intently to Tiffany and I as we talked about all the places we have played in the world, and about our career with Team Canada and our experiences playing professionally overseas. We talked about how we got to where we are today, one common theme between the two of us was that we had played many different sports growing up, and with the support of our parents we were able to be very successful.

    After our speech we had many questions from the players as well as from parents and coaches. We watched the last match while chatting with some of the players, taking pictures, and handing out player cards. I find it very flattering that these girls looked up to me just as I looked up to the national team players when I was young. I think it's awesome that we can promote our sport and hang out with the girls that will be future national team stars!