• Triple Ball now in the Yukon!

    Nov 30, 2011

    Triple Ball now in the Yukon!

    Triple Ball arrives in the Yukon!

    Yukon Elementary Volleyball Championships concluded this past weekend with Triple Ball rules. I have to say it was a huge success, we converted many of the nay sayers at the end of the day. The level of play was higher than I have ever seen it, especially on the girl's side.  Next step is to get the game in to the high schools for grades 8 and 9 next year. Here is one comment I have received.  

    "I have to eat my words in regards to Triple Ball. I still love the classic game but I have admit the game works for the elementary setting. I look forward to seeing it at the gr 8 level."

    Thanks for all your work at Volleyball Canada. Consider this an open invitation to come for a visit to the Yukon, work shops, clinics, you name it we'll make it work.

    Ron Billingsley
    Christ The King Elementary


    Triple Ball is a progression of Age Appropriate Games in the Volleyball Canada Development Model.  The game follows a sequence of three rallies (service, free ball 1, and free ball 2). The service alternates between teams after each three-ball sequence. After each rally is complete, the ball must quickly be removed from the court so the next sequence can be started.  

    For video and a complete set of rules and official scoresheet, check out our Triple Ball section.