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Answer #1
Be a catalyst for change. Standard Volleyball is far to difficult for this age group to develop properly.  Encourage your school district to adopt Atomic Volleyball as the only option for league or inter-school play. Research has shown that kids who play Atomic have 100% more rallies during a game, which drastically improves development and increases participation (more courts and more kids playing).  Adding Triple Ball rules provides even more rallies (and fun).  We recommend you meet with your Athletic Director and outside schools to make this change!   

Answer #2
Mini Volleyball is an excellent set of resources and lead up activities for youth aged 6-9.  Mini Volleyball provides the tools and resources for teaching skills and movements.  What Mini Volleyball does not provide is a standardized GAME that kids can play at this age group.  Circulation Volleyball is a game that can be played at the 6-9 age group that builds on the skills working toward Atomic and Standard Volleyball.

Answer #3
Beginning at around 9 or 10, students begin to know standard volleyball for what it is, see that it's fun and want to play it. This is a good thing. What often happens however, is kids this age ask to play the 'standard' game, then realize that there are no rallies and the game is too difficult. Our recommendation is to standardize Circulation and Atomic Volleyball for the appropriate age groups and soon enough kids will want it no other way.  

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