Games for Sitting Volleyball

As for conventional volleyball, it is difficult to teach younger age groups the basics of sitting volleyball. However, as long as some key principles are kept in mind, the foundation of sitting volleyball can be set using fun games and modifications of game formats used in conventional volleyball. Games can also be appropriate for a wide range of age groups.

An added difficulty when teaching sitting volleyball is the fact that athletes sit on the floor when playing the game. Moving on the floor while sitting is difficult, and many of the games listed here are designed to assist in learning that fundamental skill in a fun way.

It is important to keep in mind that games must be: fun, safe, competitive, inclusive, and educational.

They must also provide maximum participation, focus on skills, meet the needs of players with different abilities, encourages efficient and effective movement, and provide a progression of skills.

Below are some examples of games that can be used to build the foundation for sitting volleyball.

Circulation and Atomic Volleyball - Sitting

The following are versions of the Circulation Volleyball and Atomic Volleyball programs that have been adapted to suit the particular needs of the sport of sitting volleyball.


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