Gr 4-5 (9-10 years) Atomic 1

Atomic 1

The 9-10 age group is a critical stage to begin developing volleyball skills. Atomic - Stage 1, is an excellent progression from Circulation Volleyball with more freedom to use passing and hitting skills while eliminating the need to rotate each time to ball crosses the net. Remember to use Triple Ball rules during any competitions when possible.

adapting to a variety of levels

Stages 2 and 3 of Circulation Volleyball are perfect build up games leading to Atomic - Stage 1, because it focuses on developing the underhand serve and the forearm pass. Without some control over these skills, the game quickly breaks down and the fun is lost. When school groups have experienced Circulation Volleyball, then the transition to Atomic will be very easy. However, without this background experience there are a few modifications teachers can use to keep the fun going:

  • 1. Catch and throw the first contact
  • 2.  Catch and throw the first two contacts
  • 3.  Allow the serve to be a toss

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