Building Leaders

They are our future teachers, coaches and industry leaders. Our grassroots kids (5-12 years old) are a neglected part of our development system. Many of our Canadian kids never fully acquire the basic movement skills needed to succeed and enjoy sport. Kids are being placed in adult-sized games, reducing the fun, and impeding development. A gradual decline in emphasis on physical education and sport in some parts of the country has also reduced opportunities to teach values and develop social and life skills that take place on the courts.


More Facts:

  • The 9-12 age group is the most important window for training sport skills.
  • Club Volleyball typically begins at 13.

A call for change...

  • What if every elementary school in Canada used age-appropriate volleyball games for classes and competitions?
  • What if clubs offered a grassroots program during one hour of their practice time?
  • What if several team sports joined together to offer year-round integrated after-school programs?
  • What if every CIS and CCAA team went into elementary schools every year to teach, lead and inspire kids to play the game?

Building Future Leaders is about investing in our kids and the future of our sport. Check out the SOLUTIONS page for more details!


Our teachers and coaches are our most valuable resource and our leaders for change. We teach and coach to see our athletes achieve their goals and become future leaders. The VCDM aims to invest in Community Leaders.    

Moving in a Common Direction
Our motto is Unity in the Essentials and  Diversity in the Non-Essentials

Some Common Essentials:

  • Adhering to LTAD guidelines
  • NCCP Program
  • Motor Learning Principles
  • Holistic Athlete Development
  • Best Practices

Visit our TEACHERS and COACHES sections and help us build Future and International Leaders!


Gold Medals. Building International Leaders is important to us. Volleyball is our sport, our passion and our community. Our elite athletes inspire us to play the game, motivate us to reach new goals and unite us under the Canadian flag.

We’re getting closer. Our Long Term Athlete Development Model has helped us take steps in the right direction. But there are many changes that still need to be made and gaps to be filled. Compared to other top volleyball countries, our athletes are far behind in practice hours (we compete enough).   The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence programs being piloted in BC are providing 100 additional training hours per year, under professional coaching. Our plan is to expand across Canada with this program enhancing the development of our Learning to Compete athletes. Through this program and others, we aim to give our athletes the best opportunity to become International Leaders in our sport. 

Check out our ATHLETES page for those who want to reach a new standard of excellence!