Age Appropriate Games

Age Appropriate Games

Age appropriate volleyball games are perfect for elementary and middle school intramurals and inter-school competition because they encourage inclusion, interdependence and teamwork. At the highest levels volleyball has everything; explosive movements, precise timing, thrilling rallies, as well as the social camaraderie the sport is famous for. Yet, it is always a surprise that the sport isn’t more popular with youth and specifically boys.

Why is that? 

If we look at the origins of the sport it becomes clear. William Morgan invented volleyball in 1895 in a Massachusetts YMCA specifically for older men as an alternative to the more physically strenuous sport of basketball, which was designed for younger students. The game we all know and love was not designed for kids. From its inception the sport was made for adults and requires a degree of fine motor skills that simply are not yet developed in children.  For years, many educators have tried to teach the standard game to students and found the early success required to keep many young people excited about the activity few and far between.

The good news is that educators and a number of National Volleyball Federations have created some excellent game modifications to provide the success and enjoyment beginners need to develop and thrive in the sport for a lifetime.  

Below is a chart of age appropriate games Volleyball Canada recommends. We encourage all regions of Canada to adopt the spirit of these games... one that allows kids to enjoy the game at every age!

Circulation Volleyball Rules (Stages 1, 2 and 3)

Teaching Tips for Circulation Volleyball


Atomic volleyball rules (Stages 1 and 2)

Triple Ball Rules