Grassroots Programs in Clubs

Grassroots Programs in Clubs

What is the problem?

  • 1. Kids are getting involved in volleyball too late 
  • 2. Our top coaches are working with older athletes, leaving the introduction of the sport to coaches with very little experience
  • 3. We need more qualified young coaches entering the system

What is a solution?

  • Clubs offer Grassroots Programs (6-9 and 9-12 age groups) during one hour of their Club practice time

Why DURING practice time?

Time, gym space and funding continue to be roadblocks, year after year.
With this program:

  • The gym space is already there and paid for by the club
  • The head coach is already there
  • 12 or more young, up and coming coaches are already there, offering excellent role models for the young kids (these programs will give young athletes an early taste of coaching creating a pipeline of new coaches into the system)
  • Because the gym time and coaching are essentially free, clubs can offer a very cheap high quality program ($50 could get a young camper a ball, a t-shirt, and a great experience)

Will this program reduce the time i have coaching my club athletes?

A typical program may only run once or twice a week for 6-8 weeks, during the first hour of practice time. This is not a lot of time. We also know that coaching helps athletes improve as players. Players consolidate the knowledge they learn in practice by teaching the basic skills.  Most importantly, clubs can create a new stream of players entering the club with a higher level of skill, and give young players an early introduction to coaching.  



VCDM wants to hear about how your club or school has used a grassroots program to develop Future Leaders. Send us a picture and short article to and we'll publish it in our NEWS section.