Multi-Sport After School Program

Multi-Sport After School Program

Our LTAD model recommends that 9-12 year old youth play multiple sports. This approach is proven to develop physical literacy, setting youth up for a lifetime enjoyment of sport. This method enables athletes to reach higher levels of play over children who specialize in a team sport during this period. By allowing kids to play to multiple sports, we encourage them to have new experiences, find new peer groups and expose them to a variety athletic situations. All this accelerates development and keeps the young athlete engaged, excited and interested. Finally, we allow the athlete to discover a sport that is best suited for them.

Volleyball Canada has initiated a new multi sport program called SportsCan

benefits of the SportsCan after School program

  • National Sport Organizations joining together to offer the highest quality program and the most fun for kids aged 9-12 
  • Energetic professional coaches certified by National Organizations
  • Leadership development and focus on building the “whole athlete”
  • Low cost
  • Parents no longer need to arrange transportation for their kids to 4 different locations.  All 5 sports are offered throughout the year at one location

The inaugural program begins this September at an elementary school in Vancouver, BC. Keep an eye out for updates and stories on this exciting pilot project. To request a SportsCan program in your area, please send us a note at!