National Volleyball Month


The purpose of National Volleyball Month is to:

  • Teach and inspire young people to play the game
  • Teach elementary school teachers and kids Age Appropriate Games
  • Establish "Champions" within schools to lead the development of volleyball programs
  • Increase the exposure of our College and University programs
  • Create a stream of players into the High School and Club systems


  • The NHL, NBA, MLB... all get enough TV exposure to inspire kids to play sport.  Without a domestic professional league, Volleyball needs a different approach.  We need to go to the kids.  We need to build individual relationships with teachers and students, demonstrate our sport, and inspire them to play the game we know and love.


  • September - Every Year



For CIS, CCAA, Club and high school Programs:

NVM Jamboree Event Resources:

One great way to maximize your exporsure and effectiveness in elementary schools is to invite all of these schools to a Jamboree event where they can have fun and compete with each other.  Running this event in late September or early October will give schools a few weeks to take what they learned during your visit and a reason to practice it correctly. Encourage schools to bring multiple smaller teams to maximize their time on the floor.


Send us your stories!

VCDM wants to hear about your CIS, CCAA, Club or High School program visiting elementary schools to teach and inspire kids to play the game.  Send a short article with pictures to and we will include it the NEWS!