LTAD Stages - Indoor

14U Train to Train A 14U Train to Train A


  • Training to Train A builds the “engine” and consolidates sports skills.
  • Total practices: 84 max
  • Total matches: 28 max 
  • Competition: Provincial

LTAD Recommendations


The seasonal planning tool is designed for Training to Train athletes across Canada dedicated to reaching their full potential in the sport of volleyball.  The hours of training, competition and recovery are designed to build on the previous stage.  Canadian Volleyball players on the whole, practice far below the recommended number of hours for reaching elite levels.  We as coaches, administrators, and clubs should consider the team goals, balance, recovery, and the pursuit of excellence when planning the amount of practice and competition time for teams.  Also note that perhaps only a few athletes on a team have chosen a high performance pathway for volleyball.  These athletes may seek training time outside of standard club or high school practices, in order to reach their full potential.  

windows of trainability

  • Optimal training window for Speed (Second Speed Window)
  • Optimal window for Stamina and endurance
  • Optimal window for Strength (typically Girls only)
  • The onset of Peak Height Velocity is the best determiner of when to increase the training focus on aerobic and Strength development